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There is a Barbie look for everyone in the new Zara x Barbie Movie Collaboration
July 25, 2023 by
Audriana Cristello

Fashion enthusiasts and Barbie fans alike are rejoicing as two iconic brands, Zara and Barbie, have come together for a thrilling collaboration. The Zara x Barbie collection is a celebration of style, empowerment, and the everlasting charm of the iconic doll. In this article, we dive into the details of this exciting fashion partnership and explore the captivating pieces that make up the collection.

What You Need to Know about Barbie

Barbie, the iconic doll loved by generations, holds a special place in the hearts of children and adults alike. Created by Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, Barbie made her debut in 1959 and quickly became a global icon. She was not just a toy but a fashion icon and a symbol of empowerment. Barbie's launch revolutionized the toy industry as she was the first doll designed specifically for children to play with and envision their own Dream House, car and successful career in adult life, sparking a new era of imaginative play.

Ruth Handler was inspired to create Barbie after observing her daughter, Barbara. Ruth set out to create a fashion-forward and versatile doll that would inspire young minds to dream big. Barbie's name was derived from Ruth's daughter, and she represented the epitome of modern womanhood—confident, independent, and ambitious.

Throughout the years, Barbie has evolved to reflect changing times and cultural shifts. She has embraced diverse careers, championed inclusivity, and encouraged self-expression. With her timeless style and empowering message, Barbie continues to inspire and uplift individuals of all ages, making her a cherished icon across the globe.

She can put on a suit and she's a lawyer. She can put on a space helmet and she's an astronaut. She can do all these things and she was doing it back in a time when women couldn't even have their bank accounts. And she owned her own car and she owned her own house and she had a cute boyfriend, but he was kind of like an accessory - Margot Robbie for Vogue

Zara Understood the Assignment 

When it came to collaborating with Barbie, Zara's designers understood the magnitude of the partnership and approached it with utmost dedication. To pay homage to the iconic doll, Zara dove into the rich history of Barbie's fashion evolution.

Gingham Barbie

One of my personal favorites was brought to the film worn by Margot Robbie and Zara. This gingham dressreimagined is giving us 1950's-60's girly summer. If not the dress, go for the matching pink gingham short and bustier set. This gingham set, sandals, sunglasses, hot weather and gelato. Just an idea!

Photos: Zara

Beach Barbie 

This look was carefully studied to ensure an authentic representation in the collection. Like in the movie worn by Margot Robbie, Zara too included their 1959 black and white striped chevron one-piece bathing suit and coordinating white sunglasses (shown on the left). If the stripes don't feel like you, Zara gave us another vintage yet current feeling one-piece shown on the right.

Photos: Zara

Western Barbie and Ken

With her cowgirl/boy hats, pink wide legged pants, matching top and white cowgirl boots, Zara designers back to the Wild West and stayed on theme with the film. But no worries, Zara didn't forget about you Ken. If you want to Ken-ify your wardrobe, go for the western denim shirt, white cowboy hat, coordinating jeans, and most importantly, the hot pink bandana scarf because Barbie is everything.

Photos: Zara

Groovy Barbie

Zara brought us groovy fun looks that I just know Dua Lipa would approve. These looks scream Dance the Night by Dua Lipa, song from Barbie Movie soundtrack. With a denim wide leg and a black skin tight jumpsuit, there is something for your groovy Barbie inspired look. 

Photos: Zara

2023 Barbie

Zara also featured more current fashion trends but still kept the overall fun and joyful theme. We can see a hot pink matching suit set which has been all the rage since earlier this year so naturally Zara had to include the ensemble in the Barbie Collection. 

The long denim skirt with matching triangle crop top with a small flower embellishment in the middle of the breast bone, which was a smart choice as long denim skirts have made their way back into current fashion. 

Lastly, the hot pink mini dress with draped sheer material to add some drama to your look. This draped sheer moment has been popular this spring and it only makes sense that Barbie keeps up with the trends.

Photos: Zara

Zara's collaboration with Barbie wasn't just about recreating her looks; it was about capturing the spirit of Barbie's empowerment and self-expression. Each piece in the collection exudes confidence and versatility, just like the doll herself. Zara's love for the iconic character translated into a collection that celebrates Barbie's enduring legacy and impact on fashion and culture.

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The Zara x Barbie collection is more than just a collaboration; it's a celebration of style, empowerment, and the everlasting allure of Barbie's influence on the world of fashion. As fashion enthusiasts and Barbie fans unite to embrace this remarkable partnership, the collection stands as a testament to the power of imagination and the timeless appeal of Barbie in a dynamic and ever-changing fashion landscape.

Audriana Cristello July 25, 2023
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