Color Combos: When You're Bored of Black and White

The color combinations that aren't so obvious to give a refresh to your style.
January 23, 2024 by
Audriana Cristello

Title: Beyond Monochrome: Elevate Your Style with Unexpected Color Combos

Moss Green and Merlot

Step into a world of sophistication by pairing moss green with merlot. The deep, earthy tones complement each other seamlessly, creating a rich and luxurious color palette. For a chic ensemble, consider a moss green blouse paired with merlot trousers or a skirt. Amp up the look with gold accessories to add a touch of glamour. This combination effortlessly transitions from day to night, making it perfect for both professional settings and evening events.

Baby Blue and Heather Grey

Break away from the ordinary with the refreshing combination of baby blue and heather grey. This pairing exudes a laid-back yet polished vibe. Opt for a baby blue sweater paired with heather grey tailored pants for a casual yet refined look. Incorporate white sneakers and minimalistic silver jewelry to complete the ensemble. Whether you're running errands or meeting friends for brunch, this color combo brings a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe.

Camel Tones

Embrace the timeless elegance of camel tones for a classic and versatile look. From camel coats to trousers and accessories, this neutral palette offers endless possibilities. Create a monochromatic ensemble with different shades of camel for a sophisticated effect. Mix textures like wool, suede, and cashmere to add depth to your outfit. This color combo is perfect for achieving an effortlessly chic and refined style that transcends seasons.

Olive Green and Muted Camel

Combine the earthy charm of olive green with the subtlety of muted camel for a harmonious and nature-inspired color combo. Opt for an olive green utility jacket paired with muted camel trousers for a utilitarian-chic aesthetic. Incorporate ankle boots and a crossbody bag to complete the look. This combination effortlessly bridges casual and polished, making it an ideal choice for outdoor gatherings or casual Fridays at the office.

Cherry Red and Grey

Inject a pop of energy into your wardrobe with the bold pairing of cherry red and grey. This dynamic duo strikes the perfect balance between vibrancy and neutrality. Consider a cherry red blouse paired with grey tailored pants for a powerful yet sophisticated office look. Elevate the ensemble with black heels and statement earrings. This color combo adds a touch of playfulness to your outfit while maintaining a polished and professional appearance.

Camel and Cherry Red

Combine the warmth of camel with the boldness of cherry red for a striking and confident color combo. Opt for a camel coat paired with a cherry red dress or trousers to create a head-turning look. Add black accessories and a sleek handbag to enhance the sophistication of the ensemble. This pairing is perfect for making a statement at social events or when you want to exude confidence and style.

Experimenting with these unexpected color combinations will breathe new life into your wardrobe, offering a fresh perspective beyond the monochrome world of black and white. Embrace the versatility of these pairings, and let your personal style shine with creativity and confidence.

Audriana Cristello January 23, 2024
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