The Inspiration Behind Michael Kors' Spring/ Summer 2024 Collection

Michael Kors refreshes the essence of the 60's and 70's for the modern and liberated woman with his new collection.
January 16, 2024 by
Audriana Cristello

In a brilliant homage to the iconic styles of the 1960s and 1970s, Kors took inspiration from fashion legends like Jane Birkin, Jackie O, Maria Berenson, and even his late mother's style. This season, the runway was a journey through time, where Michael refreshes the timeless charm to create a collection that captivated the essence of a feministic and free era.

In this article, we are going to do a deep-dive into the inspirations Michael pulled from for this season.

Capri to Brooklyn, NY

As Vogue noted on behalf of Michael, 

For me, the joy that travel brings to life is everything," he said. "Where do you feel most joyous, most romantic? On holiday—it's about escape." Barefoot glamour was his working concept for spring.

Jane Birkin

One of the standout elements of the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2024 Collection was the evident influence of Jane Birkin's effortlessly chic style. Birkin's bohemian flair and penchant for simple yet sophisticated ensembles were beautifully translated into the designs. Cropped lace tops, full length revealing lace dresses, micro hems, paying homage to the iconic British-French actress and singer.

Reproduced Lace Looks

At the heart of Michael Kors' Spring/Summer 2024 Collection was a modern reinterpretation of Jane Birkin's iconic lace crop top. Retaining the delicate charm of the original, the result is a wearable garment that pays homage to Birkin's legacy while catering to the tastes of the modern woman, showcasing Kors' ability to infuse timeless classics with a fresh, accessible twist.

Birkin's Modern Lace Dress

The updated design retained the romantic essence of the dress, resulting in a garment that seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern sensibilities. Kors' attention to detail and flair for innovation transformed Birkin's classic into a versatile and sophisticated outfit, catering to the tastes of the modern woman while preserving the enduring beauty of the original.

Micro Hem

Jane Birkin's adoption of the micro hemline in the 1970s not only marked a shift in fashion but also symbolized the increasing freedoms women were gaining during that era. Her daring choice reflected the liberation associated with societal changes, notably the advent of the birth control pill. As women embraced greater autonomy over their bodies, the micro hem became a powerful symbol of a generation breaking free from traditional constraints, capturing the essence of a transformative period in both style and social dynamics.

Birkin Basket

In his Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, Michael Kors updated his Audrey basket bag to capture the timeless allure of Jane Birkin's wicker basket. The reimagined bag combines the classic elegance of bucket bag with Birkin's bohemian French charm.

Other Inspirations

Michael Kors skillfully blended the essence of these influential women and the eras they defined, creating a collection that seamlessly fused 1960s and 1970s aesthetics. The result was a harmonious marriage of structured elegance and carefree bohemia, reflecting the duality of style that defined the swinging '60s and the free-spirited '70s.

Gold Hoops

The chain loop belt in Michael Kors' Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is a nod to Marisa Berenson's 1970s gold hoops, showcasing the designer's flair for timeless accessories. Adorning skirts, dresses, and bags, the gleaming loops evoke Berenson's iconic earrings. A found photo from a 1960s catalog further underscores the interplay of vintage inspirations in Kors' work, demonstrating his ability to seamlessly merge the past with the present.


In his Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, Michael Kors revitalized 1960s knitwear sets with a contemporary twist. Reimagined in a more wearable color palette, these pieces are versatile, designed to be worn together for a cohesive look or separately for effortless mix-and-match styling. Kors seamlessly merges retro aesthetics with modern practicality, offering fashion enthusiasts a timeless and flexible addition to their wardrobes.


The Studio 54 photo of a woman in a transparent lace outfit may be a nod to Michael Kors' possible inspiration for his latest collection. The daring style seen in the image aligns with Jane Birkin's iconic transparent micro hem dress as well, suggesting Kors seamlessly integrated both influences into his collection.


Michael Kors mentioned to Vogue that one of his inspirations was Jackie O walking barefoot on the beach in Capri, Italy; hence, the "barefoot glamour" theme. Upon researching Jackie O, I found a comparison in the colors and wonder if Michael Kors decided to sample a violet purple shade for a few pieces.


Michael Kors' inclusion of a white lace dress in his latest collection subtly nods to the iconic 1960s figure Twiggy. The dress, with its delicate lace detailing, seems to pay homage to Twiggy's signature style that epitomized the spirit of the swinging '60s. Twiggy, known for her mod fashion sense, often embraced ethereal and youthful ensembles, and Kors' contemporary interpretation of a white lace dress captures the essence of that era.


Vogue made a connection that is important to know about Michael and his collections. Michael Kors is incredibly nostalgic and the people that have influenced his life, he honors through his clothing. Vogue said, "The pants-less looks might've been a nod to Kors's recently late mother, who wore just an elongated sweater to his bar mitzvah, raising a few eyebrows. She said 'Why wouldn't I wear it? I feel comfortable,' he related."

Final Thoughts

In the Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, Michael Kors has masterfully transported fashion enthusiasts to a golden age of glamour. By channeling the styles of Jane Birkin, Jackie O in Capri, Maria Berenson, and other iconic figures, Kors has rekindled the spirit of the 1960s and 1970s. The runway was not just a showcase of garments but a celebration of timeless elegance, capturing the essence of an era that continues to inspire and influence the world of fashion today.

Audriana Cristello January 16, 2024
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